Assault – Bodily Injury on a Family Member – Case Results

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Assault Family 2 300x200 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case ResultsASSAULT ON A FAMILY MEMBER
Case No. 1806777 – Arthur G.
Arthur was a public school teacher with a prior Assault conviction & MOEP [Emergency Protective Order] on the same Complainant, his wife.  This time around she called police after she escalated a verbal argument by initiating physical contact.  Her brother attempted to separate them & told police he witnessed Arthur on top of Complainant hitting her.  She also told police he held her down, tried to choke her & slapped her face.  Police observed injuries on her face & neck area which were photographed & for which she was treated at the scene.  It appeared the cards were against us but Arthur was unwilling to plead due to his teaching career which would be imperiled.  So we did everything possible to position ourselves for a win at trial including filing filed every motion that could help us & legal research to glean usable defenses.  In particular we attacked her 911 call filing a Supplemental Motion in Limine Relative to 911 Call & Other Hearsay Statements & prepared Supreme Court cases showing when statements made to law enforcement during a 911 call are “testimonial” in nature & are therefore subject to the requirements of the 6th Amendment Confrontation Clause.  We subpoenaed our witnesses & prepared everyone for testifying at trial.   The State had their experts lined up to testify & were prepared to use Arthur’s extraneous offenses against him.  On the morning of trial we won a Dismissal based on the strength of our research & problems with the State’s case that we exploited.  [State reserved right to re-file so we can’t file an Expunction yet.  If they do, we’ll resume the attack.]
Case No. 1856150 – Mark H.
DISMISSED March 26, 2013 family violence1 300x141 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case Results
This was a case of self-defense/restraint of a combative wife.  Mark arrived home from work one evening to a drunken, angry wife who wanted to “talk” about their relationship.  He did the right thing and put her off because she was intoxicated.  She was not to be put off and threw a glass of vodka on him.  He admittedly reacted, saying, “I could kill you for this.”  She struck him on the jaw and clawed at his face.  Tussling ensued as he merely fought to restrain her to keep her from striking him again.  Mark’s wife came from an abusive background and was emotionally unstable as well as being an alcoholic:  Days later she filed false charges on Mark stating that he came home drunk and assaulted her.  We used witness affidavits from friends to testify to her irrational, violent behavior in bars against themselves and Mark.  To his credit Mark never filed on his wife for these incidents but tried to be understanding of her past and to keep the relationship together for their baby.  We were able to impeach her statement to police that Mark was intoxicated by proving that minutes before arriving home he had been stopped for speeding – without being arrested or even tested for drinking.  We filed our Trial Motions for Discovery, Evidence and Experts before winning a Dismissal despite the fact Mark did threaten, in his anger, to kill Complainant.
Assault Family 6 300x225 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case ResultsASSAULT ON FAMILY MEMBER
Case No. 1821211 – Gregory L.
Complainant in this case was a recent ex-girlfriend of our client still smoldering in anger over the breakup. She got the brilliant idea from a movie to vandalize his apartment then call police and report that he assaulted her: Using the key she still had, she let herself in while Gregory was away and threw food everywhere, punched holes in the wall and broke and overturned furniture and fixtures, then lied and said he was with another woman and assaulted her to get her to leave. Despite the fact we had a documented and credible alibi that Gregory was not at home during the time of the alleged assault, and that he was on the phone to police making a report of vandalism even as officers arrived to arrest him on the false assault allegations, the DA’s forced our hand all the way to Trial – including Discovery, Motions, subpoenas, impeachment evidence, and witness preparation, before ultimately dismissing the case on the eve of Trial. Our star witness was the deputy who came out to take Gregory’s report on her vandalism. After taking photos of the damage he affirmed it was obviously criminal mischief and not the “by-product” of an assault. This, combined with the impeachment evidence we subpoenaed of Complainant’s prior record, finally convinced the prosecutors they would be unable at Trial to prove every element beyond a reasonable doubt.
ASSAULT ON FAMILY MEMBER- MOEP FILEDAssault Family 9 300x300 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case Results
Case No. 1829259 – James M.
DISMISSED November 1, 2012
James’ wife [Complainant] has depression issues and takes a cocktail of 5 drugs which didn’t help the situation when they had an argument for the 2nd time in 2 days. The police had come out the day before but no charges were filed. This time, however, someone was going down. Although it was a verbal argument only Complainant lied to police that James hit her, pulled her hair, and pushed her causing her to fall backwards over furniture, as he exited so violently through a sliding glass door it jumped off the track. Complainant later admitted to James she lied. She was, however, unwilling to admit this to the DA’s since she was previously charged with False Report for lying to a Grand Jury that James assaulted her when she was holding a baby. We obtained certified copies of the Judgment in preparation for Trial to impeach her credibility. We were at the point of setting this case for Trial when, thanks to Mr. Haggard’s persistence and persuasive skills, he forced the prosecutors to listen to the 911 tape “just one more time” and argued to a Dismissal.
Assault Family 10 300x174 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case ResultsASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBER [DAUGHTER]
Case No. 1808905 – Genise C.
This was a case of allegations of serious child abuse. Genise was a working mom having severe discipline problems with her 15-year-old daughter who had recently come to live with Genise after her permissive ex-husband died. Genise arrived home one evening from a party to find the kitchen a disaster. Genise asked her to turn off the loud music and help clean up and then took limited disciplinarian measures when confronted with defiant rebellion. A physical fight ensued in which her daughter sustained scratches, bruises and black eyes after accidentally running into a door. In a manipulative move she told police and CPS a Three Stooge-esque tale of ludicrous brutality the next day at school: that her mom had pummeled her, kicked her, dragged her by the hair, stumbling around the house in a drunken stupor. The novel ended with the coup de grace. “I fear my life is at risk going back home.” Genise was arrested without any opportunity to tell police or CPS her side of the incident. She hired us to make sure the Court heard her side and to accurately portray the personalities and motivations of Genise and her daughter as well as of the eye and character witnesses. We first documented that Complainant admitted to her grandfather that she had accidentally run into the door which caused the concussion and blurred vision for which she was taken to Texas Children’s. We addressed the rest of her injuries during the trial without prejudicing our client’s innocence. Adverse witnesses included Complainant’s older brother (with whom Genise had also been having problems) and grandfather – but we proved he had a history of negative interference in other relatives’ family issues. Complainant’s Facebook entries, filed among the records of the case, helped prove up our position that Complainant was using this incident to leverage a change of residence to live with permissive relatives. A big victory was when the CPS child abuse case was dismissed; we then subpoenaed CPS to the Trial to testify regarding the lack of affirmative findings of child abuse. The State brought in expert witnesses to testify against Genise and tried to use her prior record against her as well. We prepared our client and witnesses for Trial and decided to try the case to the judge based on our experience with Houston juries in this type of case and our understanding of this particular judge’s leanings. As the Trial proceeded we clearly elucidated the truth – a maniuplative Complainant and a good mother but at her wits end trying to come behind a permissive ex-husband. We steadily and persuasive presented the main points of our defense – that the Complainant was grossly exaggerating and that our client had no intent to assault her daughter. We proved that she had no anger issues and was not intoxicated and finally that she was justified in using the limited amount of force that she did use (in response to Complainant’s escalation) and which is permitted for discipline under the statute.
ASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBERAssault Family 65 300x200 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case Results
Case No. 1825492 – Tyler K.
DISMISSED June 21, 2012
Tyler was accused of pushing his teenaged sister out of a moving vehicle after an argument erupted when he refused to taker her to Planned Parenthood after picking her up from school. She rashly jumped out of the car despite Tyler’s frantic attempts to grab her while driving and calling their father. Eyewitnesses erroneously told police Tyler was the aggressor and that it appeared she was pushed based on the way she fell out onto the pavement. His sister’s shirt was soaked in blood and vomit and after being fitted in a neck brace she was transported by ambulance to the hospital for head trauma and multiple injuries. Due to her status as a minor and requests to live elsewhere, CPS got involved in the case. Our defense included documentation for the Court of Complainant’s severe emotional disturbance, violence and lying based on school and other records. Tyler did exhibit aggression toward his sister and a witness immediately after the incident but, together with the impeachment evidence against Complainant, we were able to prove his displayed anger was not sufficient evidence he had pushed her out of the moving vehicle but stemmed from frustration over the entire incident and argued it was more probable that Complainant was lying.
Assault Family 13 300x199 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case ResultsASSAULT – FAMILY MEMBER
Cause No. 1733213 – Joshua E.
This was a university campus incident in which Joshua had thrown a remote and busted his girlfriend’s lip. Despite the fact that we had an eyewitness who gave a written statement to police that Joshua pushed Complainant into a wall as well, we were able to use several adverse factors in the case – including police coercion of Complainant into writing a false statement, illegal police threats, and injury photos obtained without Complainant’s consent.
ASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBERAssault Family 14 300x168 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case Results
Cause No. 1737885 – Denise C.
Cause No. 1737886 – Coby G.
As a result of an extremely bitter divorce Denise was going through, she and her son, Coby, went to her husband’s house to retrieve two vehicles. A truck was driven off without incident but when they returned for the Harley motorcycle a violent argument erupted. Denise’s husband, Complainant, maintained it should stay where it was until the family courts decided who should get it. Since Denise had title to the Harley she simply cut the lock. As Coby began to drive it off Complainant ran outside and began swinging wildly, landing several strong blows on Coby’s face, stomach and hands. As a result of this, Coby required hospital treatment and missed a week of work. Although Complainant alleged to the arresting officer in the Probable Cause Affidavit that Coby had struck him in the face and chest area, Coby was only able to put his head down to avoid the blows as he had everything he could do to keep from falling and taking the bike down with him. An eyewitness whose testimony we used as part of our defense stated the same – that Coby had all he could do to stay upright. When Denise jumped into the fray to free her son Complainant sustained visible injuries – from Denise – including a black eye and a laceration on the leg. Despite Coby’s injuries, our clients refrained from pressing charges against Complainant, preferring to keep the peace. Complainant, however, was not as forgiving. We fought this case aggressively with the Family Criminal Law Division using family mediation techniques to obtain a Dismissal. (Attorney Carl Haggard is a triple-certified mediator.)
Assault Family 17 300x256 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case ResultsASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBER
Case No. 1670211 – Sean M.
Sean’s ex-girlfriend, an alcoholic – which was documented, asked him to purchase beer for her while they were both inside a store. He refused as she was an alcoholic and also currently intoxicated; she slapped him. We obtained a copy of store camera surveillance which had captured her aggression clearly. Unfortunately there was no camera evidence showing her subsequent keying of his car outside in the parking lot and the alleged “assault” of Sean on her: He merely pushed her away from his truck to protect his property, his right under the law, and drove off to avoid further confrontation – a wise move. She and her new boyfriend, a hostile witness to Sean’s alleged assault, made conflicting statements to police which we exploited to the full as we prepared Jury Trial. The statements contained outlandish allegations such as that Sean smashed her head onto his truck and then pushed her face into the concrete. Nevertheless she did have lacerations and bruises – which Webster PD had documented. All reports, photos, statements and videos in possession of police were requested. Call records from his phone proved she called him from her witness’ phone dozens of times over the ensuing week. Ultimately we were able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, through character impeachment of her testimony and through scene witnesses, that her intoxicated state – and not our client – more than anything else was responsible for her injuries. Sean hired us to substitute in for another attorney whom he felt wasn’t fighting for him. We fought this case for several months including preparing for Trial. Eleven months later to the day we worked an agreement with the DA’s to obtain a Dismissal and were able to avoid a Trial.
ASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBERAssault Family 18 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case Results
Case No. 1700477 – Eddie C.
Eddie was paroled out of TDC for Theft and also had several TDC cases for drugs on his record. A Dismissal was of paramount importance to save his parole so he hired The Haggard Law Firm. His ex-wife, whose aggression is legendary, came to his job and started an altercation which escalated into physical violence. We used self-defense as a part of our strategy and further backed up the Complainant’s violent propensities by documenting the numerous 911 calls made by Eddie due to her aggression. We took photos of the injuries Eddie sustained at her hands at our first meeting to preserve this important evidence since police are rarely interested in documenting injuries sustained by the Defendant. We issued subpoenas and presented testimony of several eyewitnesses to the DA’s in the case. A unique Petition for Dismissal was circulated among Eddie’s neighbors who signed it, vouching for Eddie’s probity as well as the belligerent and violent nature of Complainant. A side but not unimportant issue was Eddie’s sterling character as evidenced by not one but three stellar employment verification letters from three different levels of management in the firm where he is employed. Unfortunately the blue warrant for his parole was issued and Eddie was taken into custody during the last stages of our battle but was released and his parole was not revoked upon the Dismissal HLF obtained for him after battling away on this case for several months.
Assault Family 21 300x224 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case ResultsASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBER
Case No. 1669152 – Michael J..
This case never should have been filed as a Family Assault since Mike and the Complainant were only friends; nevertheless she successfully lied about this and many other aspects of the case, such as that Mike pummeled her till she bled. Our several witnesses testified that Complainant had a severe alcohol and drug problem, that she was bi-polar and psychotic and had exhibited this type of malicious behavior towards others as well; this laid the foundation for our defense and the impeachment of her credibility . We also had fact witnesses who corroborated Mike’s testimony that he never hit her. The incident involved a drunken rampage in Mike’s house after they and friends had been at a bar at which Complainant had had way too many shots… Mike only tried to protect himself from injury when she flew at him and to protect his property, which she was zealously destroying, from damage while at the same time trying to eject her from the premises as delicately as possible under the circumstances. She reported injuries to police who took photos of her bloody arm, bleeding ears and swelling of her face and head. Mike refused to answer the door to police but later after a warrant was issued did give a sworn statement; unfortunately it was full of evasive replies and a lot of “I don’t remembers”. Nevertheless, we fought this case long and hard for a full five months refusing to give up and at last obtained our Dismissal.

Mr. Haggard is honest and a very good mediator and has a good team in his office. We need people like this to help us when it comes to law. Honesty will work for me!
~ Michael J.

ASSAULT BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBERAssault Family 22 300x187 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case Results
Case No. 1700242 – Miguel G.
Miguel was a young, professional electrical engineer who unfortunately got into a physical altercation with his girlfriend after having become intoxicated. Due to his state of intoxication, he did things he normally would never have done – such as throwing his girlfriend onto the sofa in a fit of anger. She ran into a bathroom and called police. Miguel’s roommate – witness was problematic in that he did not observe the entire incident. In typical fashion, Miguel’s girlfriend asked police not to arrest him but to make him leave and police refused. Complicating the situation was the fact that Miguel was on DWI probation which caused this case to be filed in the same court as his DWI court; a Motion to Revoke his probation had been filed. After Miguel retained HLF, we went to work on the case and prepared our defenses. Mr. Haggard drew on his years of experience, superior argumentation skills and knowledge of the law to obtain a double Dismissal of both the Assault and the MRP on our first court appearance.

I was all set to go to jail but Mr. Haggard’s aggressive defense got a Dismissal of both cases on the first court setting.
~ Miguel G

My son was set to go to jail. Carl Haggard was able to get him released. His probation was not revoked. Now he will be able to get the help he needs and turn his life around. We will be eternally grateful.
~ Miguel’s Father

Assault Family 24 300x201 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case ResultsASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBER
Case No. 1645126 – Kevin M.
Kevin’s 17-year-old daughter was the Complainant in this case. She was out of control, using drugs, drinking, skipping school, concocting fantastic lies and was bipolar, ADHD and depressive but refused to take her meds. When Kevin took her cell phone [actually – his – he pays for it] to check her messages, she went berserk and hit him in the mouth then bit him on the shoulder drawing blood in both places. Kevin’s response to this aggression was to spank her, aiming for her backside but inevitably landing some blows on her back. She later went to police with outrageous lies of what he had done to her and ‘proof’ via bruises although in places he never touched her. After charges were filed, CPS investigated Kevin and their home life. Eyewitness testimony of Kevin’s wife aided us as well as photos of the injuries inflicted by Complainant. We battled CPS to show on the part of Complainant a pattern of lies, drug and alcohol abuse and severe mental and emotional disturbance and portrayed Kevin in his true light of a good father but one who had been pushed to the limit by his daughter’s crazed aggression, which resulted in CPS dropping their case. We used the CPS case dismissal to argue for a Dismissal of the criminal charge against Kevin.
ASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBERAssault Family 26 300x195 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case Results
Case No. 1510310 – Christopher C.
Chris’ girlfriend actually assaulted him, not the other way around, while she was high on marijuana and intoxicated. She managed to convince police otherwise, however, as she did have a small mark on her face. We had several eyewitnesses on our side as well as a host of evidence incriminating Complainant’s character and testimony. This Domestic Violence case was tried in the felony court of Chris’ probation case and received a “Not Guilty” verdict. The trial victory was hard-won as the State had a light burden of proof [they only needed to prove a preponderance of the evidence] in order for our client to be found guilty of the misdemeanor assault and have his felony probation revoked. Winning this Domestic Violence case paved the way to a second victory in which we got Chris reinstated on his felony probation and saved him from jail.

I was facing some serious prison time but Mr. Haggard saved me. He did a great job on cross-examination of the Complainant and bringing out all the good points from both the cops and my own testimony.
~ Chris C.

As a former Law Enforcement Officer I hired Mr. haggard to represent my son on his Assault and Violation of Probation charges. Mr. Haggard is the best of the best.
~ Client’s Father, Richard L. C.

Assault Family 28 300x275 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case ResultsASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBER
Case No. 1564669 – Daniel P.
Complainant had a history of mental illness including stalking our client and vandalizing his property. On the day on the alleged assault, she came to Dan’s house and began destroying his property. Dan merely defended his property which included restraining Complainant from further action. She grossly distorted and misrepresented his actions to police. She did have visible injuries, photographed as evidence, resulting from Dan’s restraint, in part – but also from her own violent behavior. A seasoned police veteran happened to witness the incident and served as our star witness. Prosecutors’ hotly contested his testimony at Trial, even going so far as to accuse the officer of perjuring himself due to alleged conflicting statements. Mr. Haggard, a seasoned trial veteran, was unperturbed, skillfully countered the accusation, and proceeded to a victory.
ASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBERAssault Family 31 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case Results
Case No. 1596414 – Nicholas R.
In a typical sordid spousal vengeance case, complete with extramarital affairs, a pending divorce suit, protective orders, incriminating emails, blogs, alibis and lies, Nick’s wife filed charges on him for allegedly pulling her up by the hair several times three weeks prior; a friend/witness was present during this argument and testified that she was the one that went berserk, assaulting Nick as well as slapping him [the witness] in the face, and that all Nick had done was to restrain her hands. The only “evidence” of physical injuries was the wife’s statement that she continued to lose large amounts of hair. We skillfully traced out and presented the lies and vengeance motives to the prosecution, then followed up with our star witness testimony and the pathetic “evidence” to knock this one out prior to Trial.
Assault Family 32 300x224 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case ResultsASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBER
Case No. 1592702 – Maricon R.
Maricon and her husband were having an argument on the emotional subject of finances. He decided to leave to help calm things down but she tried to grab the keys out of his hand. After this struggle she made dangerous attempts around the car to prevent his leaving which led him to call police. After interviewing both parties, police observed bleeding scratches on her husband’s arms and face and arrested his wife despite his pleas not to.
TWO COUNTS OF ASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBERAssault Family 35 300x211 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case Results
Case Nos. 1579513, 1565291 – Shannon C.
A veritable SWAT team of officers arrived when Shannon’s husband called the police only to make her leave after a heated argument. Both were highly intoxicated. Police aggressively peppered her husband with leading questions taking advantage of his confused state to twist the facts and make him appear to say what he never intended. They blew a small and accidental mouth injury entirely out of proportion and distorted it in the Offense Report saying she hit him in the mouth with an open hand. [We vigorously contested these & the other errors in the O.R.] With an overblown sense of responsibility police said they had “no choice” but to arrest her because they’d be responsible if anything happened. After a Protective Order had been filed, Shannon and her husband had another fight. Again, alcohol was the culprit and there were visible but accidental injuries to her husband. The focus of our defense was the underlying cause of the stress on the marriage – alcohol – as well as finding an appropriate rehab facility for Shannon.
Assault Family 36 300x238 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case ResultsASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBER
Case No. 1552990 – Brenda S.
Brenda hired Mr. Haggard to substitute in for another attorney whom she didn’t feel was fighting for her. Mr. Haggard immediately set the case for Trial and began preparing our trial defense while continuing to fight for a pre-trial Dismissal. At the time of this incident, Brenda was under the care of a psychiatrist for ADD and a rheumatologist for Lupus; our position was that her medications, esp. Adderall – an amphetamine – literally made her go crazy while eating dinner with her husband one evening in their upscale neighborhood. Her aggression toward him caused him to have recourse to a choke hold from which she maintained the only relief was to bite his arm. In another incident, she claimed he threatened to kill her with a pair of scissors. We focused on the medical issues – the deleterious effects of these medications – as well as their demonstrated commitment, through a protracted term of marriage counseling, to working through her problems together. Mr. Haggard negotiated a Dismissal just before going to trial. “You stood up to everybody for me.” ~Brenda S
ASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBERAssault Family 37 217x300 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case Results
Case No. 1524220 – Shofela M.
We were hired to substitute in for another attorney whom our client didn’t feel could get the job done: Shofela needed this case dismissed; he was a citizen of the U.K. working in the U.S. as a software consultant. The case involved an altercation with his wife which escalated into a physical fight. Shofela left before police arrived. We were able to get the case dismissed and protect his immigration status.
Assault Family 60 300x184 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case ResultsASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBER
Case No. 1499466 – Sylvia C.
Tending to the needs of relatives temporarily staying in her home resulted in Sylvia’s neglect of her husband’s seizure medication. He had a seizure and exhibited it’s attendant childish behavior. Jealous over being “neglected” by his wife, he told police the bizarre story that she hit him on the head with a hammer. A hammer was recovered but his injuries were not consistent with his allegations. Using extensive medical documentation as well as sworn witness testimony, Mr. Haggard was able to win a Dismissal after much fighting with Prosecutors – and even despite Sylvia’s extensive criminal history.

Mr. Haggard fought for us from beginning to end with golden gloves.
~ Sylvia C.

TWO ASSAULTS ON FAMILY MEMBER / FELONY VIOLATION OF A PROTECTIVE ORDERAssault Family 41 246x300 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case Results
Case Nos. 1488798, 1486953, 1139039 – Fahad H.
After Mr. Haggard won two prior cases involving this same ex-girlfriend, our client related in his Testimonial how she had said he must marry her or she would ruin his life. True to her word, she got three new charges filed against Fahad several months later, telling more lies of abuse such as kicking, stalking ad nauseum. Once again we compiled videotaped evidence supporting our client’s alibis and other witness evidence to convince the Family Crimes Special Prosecutor of Fahad’s innocence. After obtaining three Dismissals, we went one step further and worked with the Chief and the Family Crimes Prosecutors to set up roadblocks to prevent the Complainant, who obviously knew how to work the system, from further attempts at ruining Fahad’s life.
Assault Family 43 300x236 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case ResultsASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBER
Case No. 1375559 – Ryan B.
In a typical scenario, the girlfriend was the aggressor and our client was warding off blows, yet he was the one charged with assault. In a double victory, Mr. Haggard was able to get not only our client’s Assault case dismissed, but also the Motion to Adjudicate Guilt filed on him after he was arrested for Assault. Our client was on probation for Resisting Arrest/Search at the time of the fight with his girlfriend. Had Mr. Haggard not gotten the underlying Assault charge dismissed, which paved the way for the dismissal of the Motion to revoke our client’s probation, our client would have been facing jail time.

I was very anxious about hiring an attorney after having a bad experience in a previous case. During our interview with Mr. Haggard he used the phrase “God is good,” and I smiled. I knew I had come to the right place. His personality and easy smile puts you at ease while handling your case with professionalism. At no time did he make us feel that he wasn’t committed to getting the best possible results.
~ Client’s Mother

ASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBER / INTERFERING WITH 911 CALLAssault Family 44 300x168 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case Results
Case Nos. 1392595; 1392596 – Esteban S.
Our client had an argument with his pregnant wife. Police took photos of the bruises on her arm, leg and forehead which, our client maintained, were accidental. Our client prevented his daughter from calling the police, who later videotaped the daughter’s statement. Mr. Haggard was able to get both charges dismissed by his first court appearance.
Assault Family 45 300x146 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case ResultsASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBER
Case No. 1453458 – Mark S.
This case involved a fight with our client’s teenaged son with whom he had been having serious disciplinary problems: prolonged truancy, theft from his parents, assaults on his siblings. On the day in question, the son stole his father’s truck and wrecked it. This led to what is termed under the law “mutual combat” in which our client’s son struck first. Mr. Haggard utilized evidence of the son’s disciplinary problems and witness statements regarding how and why the fight began and proceeded, among other legal defenses, to prove the mutual combat defense and obtain a Dismissal, and this in spite of the fact that our client had a prior felony record, including several years in TDC.
ASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBERAssault Family 47 300x183 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case Results
Case No. 1338183 – James V.
Our client had a prior charge of Domestic Violence. The State had several problems with their case, including that the Complainant had lied to police and that our client had an eyewitness in his favor. Using the evidence and our eyewitness, Mr. Haggard was able to prove Complainant’s motivations in lying to police (money and visitation) and to obtain a Dismissal without having to go to trial.
Assault Family 48 300x179 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case ResultsASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBER
Case No. 1218099 – Jack L.
This case was dismissed on Mr. Haggard’s Motions. Our client’s ex-wife had a long history of emotional problems, drug abuse, and other problems. Mr. Haggard was able to use this history, among other things, to prove that our client had never assaulted her and to get the case dismissed.
ASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBERAssault Family 51 300x168 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case Results
Case No. 1173544 – Greg G.
Our client’s ex-wife claimed he assaulted her. Using eyewitness testimony of our client’s girlfriend, among other legal tactics, Mr. Haggard was able to get the case dismissed.
Assault Family 52 300x200 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case ResultsASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBER
Case No. 1194988 – John M.
In a painful situation, our client, a caring and good father, was falsely accused of assaulting his own son. He was very grateful to Mr. Haggard for winning the case and helping to restore the father-son relationship.
ASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBERAssault Family 54 300x198 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case Results
Case No. 1049438 – Gilbert P.
Our client, a good and religious man, felt his stepdaughter needed discipline and spanked her with a belt. The punishment was witnessed by the child’s mother, who also did not find the spanking too severe.

I prayed about what lawyer I needed and God directed me to Mr. Haggard. I’m very glad I chose Mr. Haggard; I made the right choice. He got my case dismissed.
~ Gilbert P.

Assault Family 56 300x224 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case ResultsASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBER
Case No. 1175569 – John B.
An ex-girlfriend accused our client of assaulting her violently; at the time, our client had a severely injured back. Medical records enabled Mr. Haggard to prove there was no way he could have done what the Complainant alleged he had done in assaulting her.
Case No. [Expunged by Mr. Haggard] – Joel P.

I had a domestic argument with my wife and she filed assault charges. Mr. Haggard got the D.A. to do an informal case dismissal. He even got the case deleted from all records.
~ Joel P.

ASSAULT, BODILY INJURY – FAMILY MEMBERAssault Family 63 300x196 Assault   Bodily Injury on a Family Member   Case Results
Case No. 1043332 – David D.
Not all of our clients are innocent and not all want to contest the charges against them. In this unusual case, our client hit his grown stepson with a baseball bat, injuring him severely. After Mr. Haggard handled this serious case with compassion, and negotiated a very fair deal for our client from the Prosecutors, he sent Mr. Haggard this unsolicited letter, which speaks for itself:

Thank you for being there for me. I needed intervention and … although our association was short compared to one’s lifespan, your deeds will not be forgotten. I was trapped with no answers…anger was a last resort. You see, Sir, there is not much help for men. Men are perceived as tough, able to manage their problems on their own. My relief from the lies, deceit and hatred soon ended with your help. Ironically, I’m happier now, back to my old self. Thanks for giving me that chance to be that person again. [Edited for brevity.] ~ David D.

Case No. 1074025 – Walter F.
Case No. 1035841 – Derrick B.
Case No. 997854 – Thomas B.
Case No. 9952635 – David D.
Case No. 9934969 – Patricia B.
Case No. 9920698 – Randy K.
Case No. 9916435 – James S.
Case No. 9708504 – Paul M.

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