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The Haggard Law Firm - Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

Serving Houston, Harris County, Brazoria County, Fort Bend County, Katy, Galveston and Surrounding Texas Cities and Counties

The Haggard Law Firm is headed by Houston, Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Carl Haggard, former Misdemeanor and District Court Chief Prosecutor with a lengthy tenure in the Harris County DA's office. For over three decades, Carl Haggard has maintained the utmost integrity. He is a strong advocate for his clients, respected by Harris County Judges and Prosecutors alike.

When Carl Haggard walks into the courtroom on your behalf, his sterling reputation precedes him. This reputation is the foundation for his defense against charges of sex crimes, drug possession, DWI, theft, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, fraud or forgery, domestic violence ... all misdemeanor, felony as well as federal criminal offenses.

When you call us, you will speak with people who are interested in your case and want to help you. While you will unfortunately encounter many rude, obnoxious, judgmental and even cruel people in your experience with the criminal justice system, the Houston criminal defense attorneys at The Haggard Law Firm deliver courteous treatment and a fair, full, non-judgmental criminal defense under the law.

Criminal Cases Our Law Firm Handles

The Haggard Law Firm defense attorneys defend all Felony and Misdemeanor criminal charges including but not limited to:

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

It’s bad enough to be arrested, often cursed at and abused by police, thrown in jail where you are treated like a non-human piece of trash or a mass murderer, and then to have to go through the depersonalizing and confusing court system.

But without an experienced criminal defense attorney, when the nightmare is over, you could be left with a Felony or Misdemeanor criminal conviction that can cause you to have trouble --

  • Finding a job
  • Keeping your driver’s license
  • Obtaining or renewing professional licenses
  • Obtaining or renewing your federal clearance for NASA and similar jobs
  • Leasing a home or apartment
  • Buying a gun
  • Obtaining eligibility for educational loans
  • Being admitted in to professional or graduate school programs
  • Regularizing your immigration status

We take the well-being of our clients and their families seriously. Our firm strongly believes that every person that is charged with a criminal offense should be heard out, given a fair chance and a fair trial. In cases where we cannot avoid a conviction, we work to minimize its negative effects.

If you or a loved one has been accused or charged with a criminal offense we do everything possible to make sure your life can get back to what is most important to you. We listen to you, hear you, present your side and design a solution to your criminal related problem.

We have over 30 years of experience in the legal field and remain in the forefront of criminal defense attorneys with a proven track record of winning results for clients charged with criminal acts.

Please call (832) 328 – 0600 for a free legal consultation to discuss your case in detail. Talk to us before talking to law enforcement and don’t go to court without an experienced criminal defense attorney.


Mr. Haggard is available to conduct a Video Conference by either Skype (free Android-based system) or by FaceTime (free Apple-based system). If you do not already have a Skype or FaceTime account, they are quick and easy to set one up and The Haggard Law Firm will help you through the easy steps. All you need is a device with a rear-facing camera that can access the Internet. Connectivity depends, as always, on the quality of the Internet connection for either system. At all times during the process of representation, Mr. Haggard enjoys being able to talk about your case by face-to-face Video Conference when a personal appointment for you to come to meet with him personally is either difficult or on short notice.
Top Criminal Defense Lawyer in Houston specializing in Assault, Sexual Crimes, DWI, Child Injury, Theft, Fraud, and Weapons charges.
What You Stand to Lose

Being accused of a criminal offense and/or getting arrested is one of the worst things that can ever happen to anyone. The stress, anxiety, illness and turmoil it causes in your life and in the lives of your loved ones can be enormous.

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If You’re a Repeat Offender

..or have a long record, and are guilty of this latest charge, you may be filled with shame at having fallen back into old bad habits. If you’re a repeat offender, yet know yourself to be innocent of this latest charge, the anguish is multiplied, as you envision your past following you the rest of your life.

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Complete Confidentiality

Once you’ve retained us, whatever you tell us is protected under the Attorney-Client Privilege, which we take very seriously. Knowing that we maintain full confidentiality, there is no need to lie to us or conceal facts.

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The Haggard Law Firm serves the following counties: Harris, Fort Bend, Galveston & Brazoria
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